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Jan 12, 2013 7:00pm EST
, poor quality assurance. third, poor security. fourth, questionable sustainability. lastly, corruption. let's talk about inadequate planning. we are at risk now of wasting billions of dollars if the agencies charged with implementing new programs and constructing new facility is to not first answer some basic questions. i have been in washington 30 something years. i almost fell off the stage. i came from ohio. maybe i keep this midwestern approach to issues, sort of basic simple questions that you would ask if you were buying a house, buying a car, or trying to lecture your daughter on what school to attend. sort of simple questions, logical questions. these questions are not being asked first -- are not being answered, i should say, in afghanistan. questions such as, are these programs and buildings needed? have you asked the afghans if they want them? have you coordinated it with any of the other organizations working for either of the u.s. government or the international community? have we designed them to meet any specific need that the afghans have? and have redesigne
Jan 20, 2013 3:00am EST
that there is an onus and responsibility. lastly, as is when the benefits of this engagement, you highlight the situation of the women's hospital, dealing specifically with medical problems in pregnancy, would you like to offer any other view? are you commending that clinic for replication across the network? >> please be concise. >> that is quite a long question. he has given me an inning to say what i want to say. if you look at the report from the u.k. that looks at mortality -- maternal mortality , there is a real need for a specialty that they call obstetric physicians. general physicians with an interest in pregnant women and their illnesses. that model of care has been rolled out in the uk. there is no official structure, but there is a need for that kind of specialty. i hope that we would minimize the need for people getting to the point where they are in situations that they are faced with now. i am commending the model, and i think it is worth the fighters and to look at in the future. i am a bit unclear about the rest of the question. >> the medical council said that th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2